Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Things have been a little bit better these last couple of days. We've had some ups and downs but I seem to be handling things better than I was...
Unfortunately Spencer went into the ER on Saturday and was admitted. They put him on the same antibiotics that he was on the last hospitalization: Meropenem and IV Tobra. It seemed to be very effective last time and so I'm really hopeful that it will go over great this time. He blew PFTs today... they went pretty well - although wore him out a whole bunch. His first attempt he blew 23% and I was pretty worried, as I honestly didn't think that they declined THAT much. (he was discharged at 31%) But he blew them 2 more times and got 25% and then ended on 26%. And this is why they have pts do three sets! So he has some room for improvement - we met the doc in the hallway and she said that we'll shoot for numbers in the 30s, which is typical. So I hope that he will be able to get back up to at least 30 or 31%!!!
Spence says that he has been feeling better slowly every single day. Always a great sign. Usually he feels worse the first few days after he has been admitted due to the antibiotics, but as far as I know he's been doing very well - just catching up on a lot of sleep!! He's been sleeping almost all day Sun and Monday. Today he's had a lot more energy. Was able to do PFTs at 12.. and then he wheeled himself around the hospital giving his arms a good work out!!! He did a successful rehab session at 3:30 and is now just resting and watching a little but of TV.... As I write frantically, trying to get our wedding thank you's in the mail!!!! (Can't believe how long it seems to take!!!! AHHHHH!)

We talked to the doctor yesterday and she is very, very proud of Spencer. She can see that he's really been working hard outside of the hospital and it's paying off. She mentioned many times how happy and proud she was =) Always SUCH a good feeling to hear that, since a short while ago they said he was non-compliant!!! w00t!
Things sound good about getting go attend the funeral on Monday. She completely understood why it was important for him to get out of the hospital. She said that they would probably just discharge him either Friday or Sunday. We brought up the possibility of doing IVs at home so that he wouldn't be off of them too early. She was pretty receptive to that idea but we're just playing it by ear.
We're still not sure what kind of infection he has, as his symptoms coming in here were pretty different from previous times. He just spiked a really high fever, and got a lot of chest tightness and shortness of breath. Usually he is really junked up and can't stay on top of getting mucus out of his lungs - but he said that this time he felt really clear. We were told that he sounds really good - so I think that if it was an infection (most likely yes, it was) we caught it really early - thank goodness. So both Spencer and I expect a pretty quick rebound :) Always good!!!

So aside from this hospital business and Spencer - I am doing much better. I keep getting really bad headaches that have usually been turning into migraines... Excedrine hasn't really been helping and so I'm thinking that it might have something to do with my sinuses. I'm going to try to get a decongestant to see if by taking that in the early afternoon if it will stop my late afternoon headaches!
I think that a huge reason that I was stressed and not handling things very well emotionally because I was worried about Spencer and I didn't want to be the one to tell him that he needed to go into the hospital and risk missing his dads funeral. It's not at all an easy call to make under "normal" circumstances, but in this case - it was just terrible. I know that he's being taken care of now and that the decision is past us. The docs being really optimistic is most definitely helping as well.

I think that's all for now - much more on my mind but I need to get back to writing out Thank You's - goal is to get 3/4 of them out by the end of this week, if not all of them!! SO MUCH WRITING!!! :-P

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