Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Thankful Thursday

I've decided to jump back on the bandwagon with the Thankful Thursday posts. Got the idea from Ronnie's blog and I've done it a few times - but I needed a good reason to post a blog, I think this is my good reason!!! =)

1 - I am so thankful for my new husband!!! He's my foundation for everything and I just don't know what I'd do without him. He got me through all the stress of the wedding planning and he continues to be here for me every single time I need his support.... and even when I don't!

2 - Very thankful for the weather both yesterday and today! It's been SUPER hot here in Kansas... upper 90's ever since we got here. Yesterday it only got into the mid 80's and today barely hit 70. The break from the heat was very much needed! And today was just BEAUTIFUL because not only was it cool, but the wind wasn't blowing either. Love days like this! Now where the moisture?! ;-)

3 - I'm thankful and so very blessed by the comfort and love of our Heavenly Father. Spence and I have been put through the ringer this year and I'm so glad I feel His love every single day. I am very sad to say that Spencer is going to lose his dad soon, but because we feel His comfort, support, and love, and because we know that we will see my father-in-law once again on the other side it makes just just a LITTLE bit easier - though we will never prepare ourselves for when the day comes, and it will never be easy to say that final "see you later"....

4 - I'm thankful for good health! Spencer has been doing fantastic!!!! We're 5 weeks out of the hospital (this Monday will be 6!) And he is still feeling good. He's had a few rough days where he's just needed to sleep - but I couldn't have asked for more for our wedding!!!! We've been able to spend some nice time with my family and actually enjoy ourselves because Spencer's not needing to go as soon as we get there. It's been fantastic. My health is being kind of rocky and I'm really nervous that I might be getting sick with my Crohn's disease - but I am still thankful that I felt good for our wedding, and that I am not bleeding from my intestines and even though eating is painful, it's not bad enough to where I'm not eating at all. As I've said so many times - It can also be worse, and it can. Just makes it a little bit easier for the "now"

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