Saturday, May 19, 2012

The little things

Oh let me tell you - it's the little things that make me smile these days =) I wanted to share this with you because it still makes me smile every time that I see these pics/video on my desktop. 

Shortly after I got to the hotel when I was in LA for the Starlight Children's Foundation Gala I plugged my phone into my computer to charge. I was waiting for one of my friends to get there and so I decided to look at the files that popped up. 2 years ago when Spence and I got a phone plan together he got a cell phone that didn't take the mini SD cards and so he gave his to me. To my knowledge everything was deleted off of the card and we started fresh when it was put into my phone. 

I guess I was wrong!

As I was searching around the 10 plus folders to my phone and the SD card I ran across pictures and one video that Spencer had saved! The pictures, I know, met a lot to him and were special to him because they were ones of his family, a few of me, and some that I had sent him of me. There was even one of a pea pod that he sent me one time when we very first got together! =) I vaguely remember that pic. Just a pretty cool thing to find the pics that were important to him. Pics that I didn't realize that he had and which I was sure were just gone forever.

But a picture that really stood out to me and nearly put me into tears was this one:

The picture of the set-up of the flowers and candles the night that Spencer asked me to be his wife <3 I have a few pics of the cabana from a distance, but I never got to see a picture of how things were set up like that..... and I completely forgot what it looked like - I can just remember how shocked (and oblivious) I was that night! Haha.
Isn't it just beautiful =) They did a really great job setting up. It just brings back such a wonderful, wonderful memory. Now if only someone had what he said to me that night recorded we'd be golden, but alas it wasn't recorded.

I really don't think discovering this photo could have come at any better time. It was almost like it was meant to be, really. Spencer proposed to me at the Starlight Gala in 2010 at the hotel, outside in one of the poolside cabanas. Naturally I was missing him when I got to the hotel for the 2012 Gala on Thursday. I did think of the last time we were at the event and the amazing time that we had. I missed him being by my side. I just missed him being there and really wished that he could have shared the moment with me again. And then low and behold this picture pops up - perfect. What a GREAT memory. =)

I also found a video that he had saved. There was only one. One evening my brother-in-law John was driving through Bird City and he stopped to say hello for a bit. We went to a local restaurant and just chatted. Spencer, of course, was very jealous of this and so John decided to record a video of me talking to send to Spencer. I can't believe that he saved it all of this time!!!! =) It must have meant a lot to him. Here it is, kind of hard to understand me without the volume up quite a bit, and the quality is terrible.... but the memory makes me smile. =)

As I said before... it really is the little things that seem to happen at the perfect times!!!!

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