Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Heart-Felt Thank You

A friend who I haven't talked to in a very long time IMed me tonight and I perked up immediately and got excited. She was also a good friend of Spencer's and I know she misses him. It was great to catch up and what really made this a great conversation for me was that we talked about my husband. She IMed me to talk about Spencer and share some experiences that she had.

I don't have many people who openly and freely talk about Spencer to me. But the few people who do - I can't even begin to tell you how much it truly means to me. I realized tonight how thankful I am for those who text, message, or call me just to chat about my husband. And who take the time to chat with me about him when I bring him up. It means SO much. 

I just want to extend this "Thanks" as widely as I can because I want it to reach everyone that it applies to since I know I can't possibly go and thank each person individually. I posted a status update on my facebook and I just wanted to share:

"I love talking about Spencer. I love hearing stories about Spencer. I love just sharing my memories of him and hearing others memories of him. From the very bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to those who take the time (minutes to even hours) to just sit and listen and talk with me about my husband. It means the WORLD to me."

Friends, please don't feel shy in bringing up my husband... his life, death, and everything in between. It's comforting and helpful for me to talk about him. I know that sometimes people avoid the topic, almost force the conversation around Spencer and anything related. Some people don't know what to say. I just want to let everyone know that it's OKAY to talk about that - actually it's very, very much welcome. I sometimes feel bad when he's not brought up or I feel like that topic is being ignored. 

Don't be shy! I want to share the memories! He is part of my past, a very important part that I never want to, or will forget. 

Please don't be shy... and again - Thank you so much!! You all know who you are!!!

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