Friday, January 7, 2011

Sooo Ready!

whelp - tomorrow is the day that we make the long journey back to Utah, so I am going to make this pretty brief so that I can call it a night!
There is so much that I want to say but so little time!

I am just SO geared up for this semester... this year.... the rest of my life!

It is a new start to my GPA, schedule, classes, career.... and I am EXCITED! I can't wait to go in with a confident attitude and determination that hasn't been there this last semester. I am very ready to start this new major and get on with my life! :)

This year is going to be a great year. I just know it. So many things are going to change and it's all for the better. I am going to get married, start my new major, move, take full charge of my health, FINALLY be 100% on my own, make new commitments, new goals, continue to discover myself... I can't wait!!

I am just SO eager to get back to Utah so that I can start my new routine. Don't get my wrong. I LOVE being with my family here at home. They are my support, my foundation and have been my life for so long - I LOVE them. But I have started to create my own life and it's so exciting for me. It's hard to make all these new commitments and goals but not be in my place of residence to be able to fully start and follow through with them.

I am determined to wake up every morning and find something to LIVE for. Find something to make me happy and make my day worth it. I want to CHANGE. I am so desperate for CHANGE. The way I was living my life before wasn't working. I thought it was at the time - but now that I have done SO much reflecting - I realize that I just want so much more!

And I think I have found some of the things I am looking for - just can't wait!!!

Definitely more blog posts to come :)


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