Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What I've learned so far

Wow - have I learned / realized a lot just these past two days of this new semester! Haha. I forgot how hard it is to try and get back into a routine... especially when it's not a routine that you're used to. I'm just trying my best and I'm going to stick with it no matter what and no matter how hard it gets. I hope that after a month-ish (sooner, please) it will all become for of a habit and I won't have to work so hard at it (haha)

So I've decided to compile a list of things that i've learned and/or realized just in the last 2 days :) Enjoy...

1) I need to keep my nook charged and USE IT! Since I've gotten back I haven't thought to put it to use or charge it because I've been busy trying to get everything done before the back-to-school rush. But today on the shuttle, I wished I would have had it! I need to upload some songs on it, maybe a few short stories, and put it to use for the boring shuttle rides. It will really come in handy when it start taking the UTA buses and trax to classes a few times a week :) Not only that, but I need to better learn how to use it. I know it has some cool features on it - so I want to sit down and figure them out!!!! Like... can you put your own documents on it so that you can read them? (ie some readings for my classes that are in word and/or adobe format... or is it not fancy enough for that? lol)

2) On my early days when I have class at 9:10... I need to leave way earlier. haha Since I've moved off campus I haven't had to go to a class this early yet. I got up at 7:10 this morning, made some hot cocoa, turned on "Today" then jumped in the shower (totally not even watching the TV at all... boooo) Got done with getting ready at about 7:45. I told myself that if I left by 8:15 I'd get there at about 8:45 - catch a shuttle and be to my class by about 9:05 or so. WRONG WRONG WRONG!
These are the things I definitely did not take into account.
a) it's RUSH HOUR at this time.... LOTS of traffic and its back up, a lot. And you hit every stop light. You gotta leave 30 before you plan or you'll never make it!! (so I'll have to leave a little before 8 lol)
b) The shuttles are PACKED because this is when like all the students are going to classes... A lot of the times you can't cram on them and so you have to wait 10 min for the next one. Not to mention because there are so many students on them, they stop at EVERY. SINGLE. U STOP! So it takes twice the time to get to your stop. Also - take the blue shuttle is in my favor, walking is much faster :)

3) Going to bed early (like around 10 or 10:30) allows me to wake up around 9 feeling really refreshed :) Now I know when it homework load hits, it's going to be hard to make it to bed early every night. But I am going to try to set a no-later-than-11 rule. And on the early days.. no-later-than-10 rule so that I can have energy for my day!!!

4) I have decided that when I get up in the morning, I am going to take some time for myself. I'm going to make hot chocolate or something of the sort, shower right after I wake up, and actually take the time to fix my hair and make up. It makes me feel good about myself, gives me more self confidence and I just like knowing that I took a little extra time for myself. I think it helps my mood in the morning and it carries on into the day. So I think it's REALLY important for me to make sure I get up 15-20 earlier so that I can do this.

5) Haha. I REALLY need to start eating breakfast and/or lunch. On my early days - I will skip breakfast because I'm getting ready and I'm usually not hungry right when I wake up. That or I'm really nauseous. but i think breakfast would help with the nausea. I get SO hungry sitting through class. It really doesn't help my energy level because the little I had stored from sleeping - it wears out FAST! Same goes with lunch. When I have my 1:25 class, I need to eat lunch before I leave. I am getting ready to go, yes, but I can pause for 15 min and grab food!

6) Keep taking my meds. It's only day 2 of the med routine, but I think combined with everything else I am doing it is already starting to help. I think I chose the right vitamin to give me energy and the extra calcium and D I need. My zoloft is definitely going to help with my improved mood. The only thing I am hating is the stupid probiotic. lol Until about a week or two after I take it, it makes my GI tract really messed up. I can't wait until it starts to make me regular again O.o And I've also learned, that I HAVE To take my RLS med. I wanted to see what would happen last night if I didn't take it - BAD BAD BAD idea. My legs, and even my arms were crazzzzy spazzy. So I took it at like midnight and it didn't help because i didn't take it early enough. so I have to make sure I take it EVERY night!!!

7) and to top it all off... I am WAY OUT OF SHAPE!!! hahaha. In combination with the bad air, high elevation and being out of shape, walking up these hills on campus are just a killer! I think I look so stupid huffing and puffing like crazy just walking up the steep hills and stairs :-P Maybe it will help whip my body into wedding shape. hehe. I am trying to walk more now rather than take the shuttles. I know it's going to benefit me in the long run even though I HATE it now. Note to self: bring scarf with! Haha it's COLD outside ;-)

I hope I can look back at this when I need a little motivation.

I have so many blogs that I want to write about various things I can barely contain myself!!!! Haha So be looking for much more to come including:
My classes and a little challenge I am going to propose to the fiance
My health
Our wedding
updates on new resolutions
My classes and my new major

and moreee!!! AHHH! :)

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