Sunday, July 21, 2013

The last two months in pictures!

It's been a really long time since I've blogged about my current life, and so therefore I feel the need to do a picture dump on you all! I've made it a bit easier to sort through everything by putting them in collages, you should feel lucky ;-)

When I went back to Utah for my final study visit for the Methotrexate, I was lucky enough to be around for the Riddle Camping Trip. We had a blast! We stayed up in the mountains for 2 nights, 3 days.
 L to R: Kiara and Jaycee just waking up, sunrise, John and Dave cooking breakfast

 L to R: Family pictures of David's family, John's family, and George's family

 L to R: Dave giving kiddos a lesson about ticks, brothers and their bellies, coloring after exploring

 L to R: Myka just waking up, girls being silly, "Frodo" on the trip to the Lake

So much fun at Payson Lake!

After we had our fun camping, we stopped by Orem City Cemetery on our way home to visit husband, brother, and uncle Spencer. 

 Flowers that I put on his grave, the messages to him in sidewalk chalk, and possibly a sneak peak into the brand spankin' new logo to the riddle of CF website that George drew ;-)

 Releasing balloons in memory of Spencer

Kiara blowing bubbles for Uncle Spencer, nieces and brother drawing on his headstone

We also stopped at the cemetery for fathers day. We spent time with at my father-in-laws resting place as well. 
 Dad and grandpa Mark's grave. Writing messages to him and remember him.

Messages to my father-in-law

While we were at the cemetery we couldn't forget to take father's day pictures :)
L to R: David and kids; Brothers and their daughters; George and kids

The first part of July we were lucky enough to have 2 of my cousins visit from Arizona. (My Uncle Greg's kids). I haven't seen them in many years so it was fun to spend time with them and get to know them better. 

We had our 4th of July celebration a day early out at my aunt and uncles ranch. My cousins were able to be there for that as well. We had a great time that evening. Good food, a lot of laughs, and quality time spent together!
Top L: Carla; Middle L: Tessa; Bottom L: Shayna; Bottom R: Angela; Top right: my mother ;-)

On the 4th of July we went to the lake in Atwood for their big 4th of July celebration. We saw some pretty awesome fireworks!! They put on a great show.

Mid July I finally was able to start my iron infusions. My iron has been scary low for a while now and I'm unable to take oral iron supplements. My blood counts were low enough to warrant a blood transfusion, so I spent a Saturday up at the hospital getting iron and 2 units of blood. I now feel a lot better energy wise!

And just last week I was hired at the Dundy County Hospital as a Lab Assistant/Phlebotomist!
I am super excited about my new job. Though it isn't what I was doing in Utah, it gives me a feel for the laboratory in a different way. I've always said that if I moved back to Kansas I wanted to work in the hospital that I grew up going to. I love the lab techs there and I know that we're all excited to be working together. I started my job last friday doing orientation, and now I'm just doing new employee things for the next week or 2. I'm not going to lie, It's really weird being an employee vs. a patient! It almost feels wrong! haha. But I'm excited to get further into it :)

There have been things here and there that have happened as well, but those are the biggest ones for me lately!

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