Monday, July 8, 2013

30 Things Blog 3 -- Relationship With Parents

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Blog 3 -- Describe your relationship with your parents

My relationship with my mom is completely different from my relationship with my dad. First of all I am so very lucky to have the parents that I do. They have always been there for me through thick and thin. I’ve had a very difficult life and I don’t know if I would be where I am if it weren’t for their love and support. I know that seems kind of cliche to say, but it’s so very true. They’ve dropped everything for me, they’ve lived well beyond their means for me, and they’ve moved mountains for me. I know that they have my back no matter what challenges I face in the future. 

My relationship with my mom probably couldn’t get any stronger. Now that I am an adult we have a bond that resembles more of a friendship than a mother-daughter relationship. We’re very close and we always have been. Now don’t get me wrong, she still definitely plays the mother figure when needed, but she recognizes that I AM an adult now and that I need to make my own decisions and mistakes. I can without hesitation say that my mother is my rock. She’s literally my everything; my world and more. 

My dad and I’s relationship depends upon the day ;-) I wouldn’t say that I’m super close with my dad, in all honesty, and I really hate that fact. I am a very expressive person and my dad is quite the opposite. He doesn’t hug much, I love you’s come few and far between, you don’t often know what he’s thinking or going through. But I never question my dad’s love for me and I never question how much he cares about me. We have the type of relationship where we will sit down in the living room and talk about the weather and, more often than not, what the heck is wrong with my car. I can’t ever remember having a heart-to-heart with my dad, but that’s just our relationship. We don’t have a lot of similarities and so it’s hard to connect and bond with him. I’m trying to make more of an effort for conversation with him, asking him questions I may normally ask my mom, and even if I don’t want to spend a little time with him doing the things that he does (such as fix a fence, haha).

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