Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quicky Update!

Man tonights phlebotomy class didn't go as expected! It wasn't as successful as last week, but at the same time it wasn't horrible. I definitely learned from it. I did 5 sticks today and got blood return from 3 of them; it was a little bit tricker! This time a girl was my guinea pig and her veins definitely weren't as palpable as the guys I had last week. It was more difficult to find her veins!

I did learn that a lot of the time my angle isn't big enough and so I'm too shallow with the stick and the needle sits right on top of the vein. It's frustrating, but now I know to overestimate the angle of my needle and I should be good!

I'm coming to learn that the more this class goes on, the more and more I dread to be stuck! haha. It reminds me of those "good ol' days" when I had to get my blood drawn every few weeks for drug levels! And I think my veins are starting to remember it too, because they seem to be shrinking up as the weeks go on. They are getting harder and harder to find. I only have 1 good vein on each arm and they have both been stuck about 8 and 9 times! They are definitely protesting, and I am too! Though I love getting the opportunity to practice, I am getting more tired of being my classmates guinea pig ;-) But that's okay... only 2 classes left and then I'm done being stuck (I hope)! :)

Today we did butterfly needles and poked in the hand. I was nervous about this class period because I HATE being stuck in the hands! Always have, always will. Tonight just reminded me why I hate it so much. It hurts! The actual stick wasn't too bad, but my hands sure are sore right now! Thankfully it was only twice... next week we'll do a lot more. 
Using the butterfly needle was trickier than I thought it would be! There is a different hold to it and the order of doing things is slightly different. Going in the hands was a little easier though, because it's all visual! You see a vein and you go for it rather than having to go by feel. Anchoring the vein is a little bit harder, and those guys like to roll! I stayed after class to do an extra draw and missed, but the teacher was able to show me how to re anchor and "dig" around for the vein when you miss. Glad that I had that opportunity because I really learned from it! 

On another note, in my hours of searching the interwebs to try and find a place in SLC to live, I ran across a listing that is only 5 minutes away from ARUP! So far it sounds fantastic and I honestly don't think I can beat the location and price! I am going to see it with my friend on Saturday and I'm crossing my fingers the place isn't horribly small and that the roommate will be a great fit! If everything works out I plan on taking it and getting moved asap so that I don't have to drive an hour to and from work every day. Prayers would be appreciated that this is the right place! 

Annd one last thing. I found out today that my little sister-in-law can't go to Acapella Stock on Saturday with me. Boo! =( But this means that I have an extra ticket that has YOUR name on it if you would like to come with me! It will cost you nothing - it's all on me :) So if you live in Utah and your Saturday night is looking a little bit lame, you should come! It's a GREAT Time. Even if we don't know each other that well, you should still consider going with me. It would be a great opportunity to get you know you better!! :)  If you're interested send me an email  :) Hope to see you Saturday!!!

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