Friday, August 17, 2012

Colors Of Kelie

Last week I went to the Ogden Farmers Market with my friend Malina for the first time since being back in Utah. I met Malina last year in the hospital during one of Spencer's stays. (Thank you Nacho for introducing us ;-) She is a super sweet girl and we really hit it off great. We thought it would be cool to go to the farmers market last summer together so that we could get to know each other better, and it has formed into a new kind of tradition! If we get a free weekend we'll go and we always have a great time!

While we made our way around the market we came across Colors Of Kelie.

From the very first glimpse that I got of these paintings I was deeply moved. I can't exactly tell you what it is about her artwork that gets me so much, but they are absolutely beautiful and take my breath away. I feel like there is so much meaning behind her paintings. It's artwork that speaks so loudly when you view it. The colors are so vibrant and they are so, so beautiful. 

The tagline that Kelie uses is this: "Leap Fearlessly". Perhaps it's this line that draws me in so tight. It is a great reminder for me right now in this journey of grief. Most of the things that I do anymore require a leap of faith. A deep hope that everything will turn out okay and that I am taking that leap for the betterment of myself and my life. It's hard to take a blind leap of faith, but it's also been very worth it. My life is going so well right now and it is, honestly, all because of leaping.... the "fearlessly" part is a great reminder for me, because I need to remember that it is all in His hands and that he will provide and guide me in the path that I am meant to go in. You never know what might come out of taking a fearless leap of faith!

I need to take these fearless leaps more often because, so far, it's landed me in a great place. A place where I am as content as I can be, and a place where I am happy. Leaping fearlessly without my husband is not easy... but it's now a lifelong journey that I am going to have to overcome. 

Thank you, Kelie, for inspiring me to go beyond my comfort zone and to take the leaps I am so scared to take!!

I am definitely saving up for at least one of these paintings. I have my eye of 3 or 4 different ones, and maybe with time I will be able to get them all. I normally don't say that I have to have something.... but with these paintings, I have to have at least one. I'd honestly be a fool if I didn't get one! They speak to me so, so much. I can definitely see this a theme in my house. A daily reminder to tackle the day head on and to take a leap of fearless faith!

Here are a few of my other favorites that I saw last Saturday:

If you would like to check out more of Keli's artwork and keep updated, please visit her facebook page at:


  1. These are really nice; I like the one you have at the top of your post. I don't really like saving money just for the sake of it (silly, I know), but I do love saving up for something special, as it seems these paintings are for you. I hope you can get one in your new home soon.

  2. Your post is great to read. I was wondering why people have different colors of life but still I participated.