Wednesday, November 1, 2017

30 Days of Thanks

Ahh November - a month of

             cooler temperatures

                         cuddling to keep warm

                                   apple cider

                                             pumpkin spice

                                                       being thankful

I've done one form or another of the 'gratitude challenge' in the past, but it's been quite awhile and I wanted to take it on again. It's easy to just come up with something off the top of my head at 10pm at night when I've forgotten to think about it - so I wanted to try being a little more creative, something I've really been lacking. 

Thanks to Pinterest, I found a list that I really like of 31 things to be grateful for. Each day for the month of November I'll post with a picture and blog of that days 'word'. I can't gauretee that each photo will be of one I took that same day (because lets face it, I DO forget and life is busy), but I want to try! 

If you want to join me, here is the list that I'll be using:

If you choose to do it to, have fun with it! I'm looking forward to sharing just a few of the things that make my life full.

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