Friday, November 3, 2017

Day 3 - Morning

M o r n i n g

I am so thankful for routine..... especially my morning routine! Every morning I set my alarm 15 minutes early to sip on my coffee as I wake up and mentally prepare to tackle the day. I used to be a night owl but as I've gotten older I have come to enjoy appreciating the few extra minutes or hours I get when I get up early. During the week I'm up at 4:45 and out of the door by 6. That extra 15 minutes really makes all the difference in my outlook for the day. I don't feel rushed and it's a few minutes of peace I get completely to myself. I'd really like to incorporate some yoga into my morning routine to help get the blood flowing and start the day off on a healthy note. I just struggle to muster up that much energy right when I hop out of bed ;)

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