Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Work, Moving, and Fun

I haven't written in my blog for a little while and so I wanted to just give an update... I have started about 3 or 4 different posts but I never could find the words I was looking for and so I have several saved drafts. Maybe some day I'll get around to finishing them since they are all on different topics ;-)

I just feel like I've been non-stop busy! But it's been the good kind of busy, really. By reading more you'll see!

New Job:
I am happy to say that this week is definitely going better than last week. Last week was by far the most difficult week that I've had since Spencer died. Hands down. Yes, I've had hard moments and even days, but nothing as extensive as last week was. It was just horrible. Starting out with being reminded he's gone, being completely overwhelmed with information, to ending the week with locking my keys in my car, walking home in the rain, and then remembering I'm locked out of the house as well until my friends get home from a birthday party. It was just horrid. I had a lot of anxiety on Monday (I had the day off) about going back to work on Tuesday. I wasn't sure where the lab coats are kept and I was panicing about getting lost finding them. LUCKILY I must have remembered something because I very easily found them and I haven't gotten lost once this week! I'm making progress!

Yesterday one of my co-workers helped me out a TON by helping me print out me training modules and giving me a MUCH better idea about what I'm going to be working on day-by-day in the lab as I'm training. Yesterday I did a lot of observing, and then did a few tests under observation.

But today was a big day for me! My trainer for the day had me run strep pneumo antigen tests on Urine. (for those interested, and because I want to feel smart!!, a strep pneumo infection can lead to things such as meningitis, pericarditis, endocarditis, arthritis, etc). Since I observed them being done yesterday, I was able to run the tests by myself today under observation! This is a critical test (meaning if there is a positive result it's life-threatening to the patient) and so if you have a positive result you're responsible for calling the client within 15 minutes after verification of the results. Which leads me to why it was such a huge and successful day for me! :) I observed 1 critical value call yesterday, and 2 today... and so I was qualified to make the phone call today to our client. If any of you know me very well, you know that I am terrified of making phone calls (and sometimes even answering them...). I HATE talking on the phone. I get so, so much anxiety leading up to it, when really, after I've made the call it isn't so bad. So I was really stressing out about doing this call.... but at the same time was feeling confident in it since I'd observed 3 previously.
Turns out -- everything went just fine! I did wonderfully and it really wasn't a huge deal at all. I was really proud of myself for *hopefully* not showing my anxiety and just diving in and doing it. (after, of course, writing out a short script to go by HA!)

Today I was also able to do a batch of O&P (ova and parasites) testing by myself (well, someone made sure I started out okay, but it was just someone watching over my shoulder!). I'm starting to learn the steps on my own without having to be prompted -- something I'm proud of! I feel like I'm catching on fairly quickly. I ran another test as well (well most of it), but I can't remember what it was.

I am still having issues learning the computer systems that we use... But I haven't used them very much.  Towards the end of the day I was starting to recognize the icons and kind of remember how to get to certain things. Picking it up slowly, but surely.

So overall -- I am liking my job :) It's stressful and very overwhelming, but a lot of fun when I start picking up on things and am able to do it by myself. My co-workers, so far, have been wonderful and very helpful. I'd be lost, VERY LITERALLY, without them!

So I am so happy that I can finally say I've MOVED and it's no longer temporary! I am SO excited to be moved in somewhere. It's fantastic. I was looking on KSL and wasn't finding too many places that would work out for me. A friend suggested and upon checking it out, I immediately found a listing that sounded PERFECT and so I called right away. They seemed very interested in me, and so I looked at the place that weekend and got the green light to move in the next week! I am now living in Salt Lake City, only about 5 minutes away from ARUP which is fantastic :) It is a condo and it's a very, very nice place. It is pretty small, but the way things are set up makes it seem much bigger. my room is VERY tiny, but I'm making due. It's cozy and a space that is completely mine where I can relax if I need to, or just do whatever I need to do.
We have a pool which has been lovely! I've been lap swimming and I'm loving it. Finally a work out that I can do that I WANT to do and that I really enjoy doing. It doesn't feel like a work out. It's relaxing and a lot of fun.
The only downside of where I live = the walls are paper thin! You can hear EVERYTHING! I am SO thankful that at night, everyone is very quiet. I have never been woken up by noise. But during the day is another question ;-) It really doesn't bother me too much, it's just something I'm trying to get used to. You just can't have it all ;-)

Tomorrow is my last phlebotomy class! I feel like it's went by so quickly! I get to take the test tomorrow. We are going to work on butterfly needles, finger sticks, and general veins tomorrow as well. I've really enjoyed this class. I have wonderful classmates and amazing teachers. I am definitely nervous about it being over, but I still have an externship to do. And knowing that I can come back at any time and practice drawing blood is nice and puts me at ease. I can practice all I need to so that I can be comfortable with what I'm doing. I still don't feel confident with drawing blood on people who's veins are a little bit harder to find. I haven't been too successful with that. =/ But it just takes practice with palpating to find them. My figure will eventually be able to hone into where the veins are. Practice makes perfect!
I have volunteered to do a health fair at Sams Club on Saturday where we will do finger sticks to do cholesterol checks for people. It will count towards some of my externship, will be great on my resumes, and be good for experience. I'm actually excited for it :-)

Firstly... I LOVE Acappella. The power of the human voice is amazing. The things these people are able to do with their voice is amazing. Everything about it is AMAZING... So Aug 25th I went to Acappella Stock in Ogden and It was SO MUCH FUN! I'm really bummed that I, once again, had to go by myself, but it was worth it. I had a great time. They had some great groups there. Eclipse, T Minus 5, Delilah (from The Sing-Off!), The Bobs (I honestly wasn't a huge fan, but still good entertainment!). Delilah is an all-girls group and definitely at the top of my favorite list!! Their sound was AMAZING. Their range is great. I can't even describe it. Unfortunately my video isn't very good for their group, but please check at least two of their songs (two of my favorites! Aren't they AMAZING?)

Eclipse also comes in at the top of my favorite list. They are from Utah and I have been listening to them every single day (nearly!) since ACappellastock! They are GREAT. I don't really have the best video from them either, but here is a Youtube video of one of my favorites :)

So there you have it! If I get a chance I want to post another blog with pictures and some of the better videos I have from that night... These groups really know how to entertain the crowd!!! :)

I am also SUPER excited to go to a Train concert September 20th with my friends Adam and Christine! :) It will be so very fun!! And I can't leave out the day before, on the 19th, I am going to a "The Piano Guys" concert at Red Butte Gardens! The Concert will be recorded for PBS. Tickets were only $25 for about 2 hours of entertainment and I am in LOVE, IN LOVE with The Piano Guys. I am so excited!!!!! =D Does anyone in Utah want to go with me on the 19th? Please let me know because I'd love to have a friend go along! So much more fun that way!!!

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