Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prayers for Jordan

I have posted several statuses recently... One about the tornadoes in TX (Hope all my TX friends are safe!!!)... one about indoor active activities for a 3 year old... and so I have refrained from updating my status once again..

But I want to take this time (while miss A is cleaning up all of her toys and picking up!!) to quickly blog a prayer request.

I am asking for many thoughts and prayers for Jordan Ulrich and her family right now. I have been following Jordan's Journey on facebook and this girl is incredible. She has had a heck of a long road with her Cystic Fibrosis and has had two double lung transplants. She has some some INCREDIBLY close calls, but she's pulled through each time. She has an amazing attitude and has a fight within her that it seems nothing can break her. I have been truly amazed by her courage and strength.

But friends, right now Jordan is, once again, in a serious fight for her life. Yesterday she was rushed to the hospital with low sats and feeling short of breath... Here is an update from her mom as of yesterday:
"We are at the local ER with Jordan. Jordan's sats plummeted to 78%, 80% to 87%. She says she feels okay... She's a little air hungry and feels her old friend Mr. Elephant has returned to sit on her chest. She has a fever of 100.9 and is sucking in air like a fish. She's feeling a little better now that they've given her 3 liters of oxygen. Jordan says Mr Elephant is standing up now giving her a little rest. She tried to blow while ago and it wouldn't read it meaning she wasn't able to blow long enough to read it. Pretty odd since she could still blow up until the day they put her on the vent. We finally have an IV started (!!!!!) only 6 tries I think, but at least it is in and going. The blood work is ordered and drawn, they did an EKG on her and this doctor is calling the doctor at Baylor to see what next. Please pray. I'll post as I know more."

A few hours later, Jordans mom posted this update:
"Jordan is sicker than she looks. They are medi flighting her to Baylor in a few minutes. Kidney creatine up to 1.9, WBC 5.0, pneumonia BAD in left lung, the right lung has hyperinflated do much it's shoved her heart over. The xray looks terrible! Says are 91 on 4 Liters of oxygen, blood pressure low, respirations high at 58, heart rate elevated to 130's. Don't know if they will let me ride on flight but if not will all follow behind.

They've started steroids 60 mg., and Vanc, plus another antibiotic, it's a deul one I can't remember the name.

I'm crazy because I don't know where we are. I don't know if Jordan is sick or SICK. the doctors here think she's SICK but is she or is it just worry about the two lung transplants? Would prefer to be in LA but will be okay with Baylor. It will be new to Jordan.... She's never
stayed the night there be fore. Please pray! Little sweet Jordan is terribly scared as she doesn't know what's going on either!" She updated again a little later saying that she was in ICU and that Jordan's situation may jeopardize her transplant.

Jordan had a great evening. She was doing very well and they moved her out of ICU. Well last night she took a turn for the worse. This is the most recent update from Jordan's mom:

"It's a reminder that we can NEVER get too comfortable with a lung transplant! Jordan was doing so well that they moved her out of ICU last night. During the night she got much, much worse. She is on 21 (!) liters of oxygen! I've never heard of that much O2! 6 liters in on a canula, 15 on a mask. Her xray looks like ghost lungs today. Dr Rosenblatt thinks she's in REJECTION! They are doing a bronc right down to see what's going on. This is the time for Jordan to FIGHT!"

Jordan is only my age. Only 21. She's been through so much and if she has fight left in her, we need to help her out with this fight!!!!

When I hear about situations such as this I get major flash backs from the day that Spencer got deathly ill. He's lucky, and it is a pure miracle that he pulled through. I have NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that friends and families thoughts and prayers kept my husband alive for 3 months, fighting for his life.

This is why I post this. Jordan needs thoughts and prayers coming her way. Desperately. I am asking you to just take a few seconds to stop what you are doing and help this 21 year old girl out. Please pray for her family - This is an incredibly hard and terrifying situation to be in, especially for the caregivers - I know from first hand experience.

Jordan you are in many people thoughts and prayers. Continue to fight as long as you possibly can and know we are all thinking and praying for you!!! <3

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  1. Jordan is currently fundraising for her next transplant and relocation. I became friends with her mom on facebook and we just started up a Scentsy Fundraiser for her. My commission will all go to her and her family. If anyone would like to order to make a contribution my website is lakenowen.scensy.us. It will ship directly to you so it doesn't matter where in the US you live. Once on my website click on buy and then select join party next to "Help Jordan Ulrich!" Any contribution would be helpful for this stuggling family.