Friday, May 28, 2010

Poem by a Fibro (2)

Breathe Easy

Every single breath we take,

A gift from God, which we partake.

We live our lives without a care,

Not even thinking, we suck in air.

The air goes in, our lungs it fills

Into our red blood cells the oxygen spills.

It flows out, each part it graces

From our toes, up to our faces.

The other cells take in that gas.

From cell to cell, none will pass.

It helps them grow, it helps them fight,

It gives them power, it gives them might.

But what perchance, should the lungs fail?

Is that a cause to sprawl and wail?

There is a preciousness with each breath

For without, it’s certain death.

There are some born with a disease

Their genes are missing certain keys.

They lose their lungs but not their heart

Striving to live from the start

They seem to grow beyond their years

With their lives so full of fears

They grow and learn, among us all

The hacking cough as their call

They learn to live, tho they’ll die

To live their best they do try

Weeks in hospitals, days spent sick

Most of them as skinny as a stick.

Doing treatments, having fun

Sitting outside, time in the sun

Taking handfuls of pills every day

So to live, their bodies may

Years go on, health declines

After doing things of all kinds

Constant infections do their deed

At times, the lungs, crack and bleed.

In the lungs, scar tissue fills

Mucus clogs, together, it kills

And so the body loses life,

The spirit leaves, its earthly strife

It enters through the heavenly gate

To receive its well earned estate.

There they wait for all of us.

We needn’t make a fuss.

For we will see them once more

Sitting with God upon the floor.

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