Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Fibros Poem

So at 1:00 AM, Spencer decided to whip out his computer and write a poem. Now if you've ever read one of his poems, you could have many different emotions such as: laugher, sadness, pain, empathy... etc.
I get excited when he writes. He has such a way with words. He can really put his emotions into words in a special way. He's written me a couple poems and I love them. Usually he writes about his CF and his long battle with it. The poetry is amazing. I believe that one time his poem was featured on a website. :)

I want to share with you a poem a week.. for your laughter, inspiration, and empathy. A lot of these are expressing his true feelings and I hope that you will be touched in some way by them :)

All of my CF friends and caregivers know what it's like to do treatments every day... this one is kind of funny about missing a treatment... He wrote this several years ago. ENJOY!! :) Leave your comments if you'd like!!!

Treatment or Two

Oh crap! What do I do?

I forgot to do a treatment or two.

I'm going to the doctors later today;

I wonder what they're gonna say.

I could always tell them that I'm dying,

But then they'd think my brain is frying.

OH CRAP!!! What do I do!?

I forgot to do a treatment or two.

I didn't wake up until 6:30,

I didn't shower, I'm still dirty!!

There wasn't enough time to do my vest,

The doctors just won't be happy without my best.

Oh crap........what do I do?

I forgot to do a treatment or two.

From now on no more sleeping late!

That just might change my fate.

Their gonna make such a fuss,

And bite their tongues as not to cuss.

Oh crap what do I do.........?

I forgot to do a treatment or two.....

Well, it’s more like fifteen or eight,

But who's counting, it's too late.....

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