Friday, January 24, 2014

Avenue Q & Little Shop Of Horrors

Nothing like a flash back to a wonderful memory in your life that you have long forgotten about!

Several years ago Spencer started listening to the sound track of Avenue Q and introduced me to the fun and quirky music. We often times pulled up YouTube videos and watched it. We always said that if it ever came to Salt Lake City that we were going to go. Well a couple of years ago, I believe in 2010, Spencer and I had the opportunity to go to Avenue Q as it was coming to SLC. He bought tickets as soon as he was able to and it was something we were both excited and giddy about. A real date to a musical. Spence and I were both huge broadway fans. We were both really into acting, singing, and the arts. Just another thing that really connected us!

Leading up to the musical he wasn't feeling the best, as per his normal, but there was NO way we were about to miss this opportunity as we knew it wouldn't come around again. We left the house with plenty of oxygen in tow and got to the theater with minimal time to spare. Hauling around a sick man, his oxygen tanks, and everything else isn't an easy feat ;) 

When we got parked and got ready to get out we realized that we had forgotten the wrench for his extra oxygen tank. I felt horrible about it because I had just cleaned out my car and forgot to put the extra one back in there, and didn't double check things before we left the house. It was not a good deal since Spencer was on 4 liters of oxygen and 1 tank wouldn't even get close to lasting the entirety of the musical. I offered to run back home and get one, but that would have me missing about an hour of the musical - and tickets weren't cheap. Spencer, being the incredible selfless man he was, kept insisting that he'd be fine with turning his O2 down to 2 liters while he was sitting there and making the oxygen last as long as he could. I was in tears at that point because I knew he wouldn't be fine and wasn't going to have as much of an enjoyable time as he should. 

But I let him talk me into just going through with it, but promising me that if he started to feel too sick, tired, dizzy, have a headache, or otherwise to let me know and we would leave right away. The first half of the musical he did okay, during intermission he started to feel a little bit of a headache coming on, but overall insisted that he was doing fine. I could tell otherwise but when Spence made up his mind about something, there wasn't any changing it. And he made up his mind he was staying through the entire thing no matter what. 

There isn't too much to say about the musical in itself aside from it was AMAZING! We laughed through the entire thing. Spencer had to explain a few of the innuendos to me as I was a little bit slow to catch on. But it was well worth our time and money! We really did have such an enjoyable time. It was one of the very few times we went on an actual date together with something specifically planned in advance. 

Here are a few of the songs Spence and I tended to listen to fairly often!

"The Internet is for Porn"

"Everyones a Little Bit Racist"

"It Sucks to be me"

Of course we loved ALL the songs, but these are kind of fun!

Spencer and I also went to the musical Little Shop of Horrors that my Freshman Counsel advisor was a part of. I went to a dinner theater featuring that musical when I was in high school and loved it, I was very excited to see it again! Spencer was pretty familiar with it as he'd seen the film. We also had a very good time at that and really enjoyed getting out and spending our evening together doing something we both love. 

We had decided that the next thing we wanted to do was go to a Improv Comedy Club. Spence had been once when he was in high school and I'd never been. We thought it would be something super fun to do. We also talked about going to Keys on Main together. We promised each other that we'd try to get out and do more things like that, that we really enjoyed.. but sadly we never got the chance to. Hopefully some day I can go with a friend, or perhaps even on a date - how fun! :)


  1. I always loved Avenue Q! I remember when Wicked came to SLC and I wanted to go soooo bad.. but never could afford to. What wonderful memories you have of Spence. Glad that he was able to get through the musical cutting back on the O2.

  2. What a fun memory you have with Spence! I always loved Avenue Q! I remember when Wicked came to SLC a few years ago when I lived out there.. I was so devastated to see how expensive the tickets were! It's still on my bucket list. unfortunately Matt is less inclined to go to such things! Too bad I'm dragging his butt there! Glad that Spencer could make it through the musical on the cut back O2 allowing you to have wonderful memories of the night!