Saturday, September 4, 2010

A date has been set!

Time to post something exciting! For anyone that follows my facebook - you will probably already know that I'm engaged =) I am SO excited about it! At first we didn't think that we could get married until after I had a REALLY good j0b as a CNA or else had a great job as a nurse. Reason being is because of insurance for Spencer. With his CF, he would have been dropped by his moms insurance - and even though he has medicaide... they pay for SO much! So we were thinking that I had to have a good enough job that would offer family coverage... Well THANKS to Obama and his health care reform... Spencer's insurance CAN'T drop his coverage =D... which means -drum roll- WE CAN GET MARRIED!! Insurance is no longer an issue. We are still looking into it to make sure that ALL of our bases are covered... but it sounds, so far, like it's a go!

So even with the insurance issue figured out... we were still going to wait a year or two due to Spencer's health and my schooling and working and loans and debt and you know.. all the "real life" stuff. Spencer wanted to make sure he was in tip top health before we tied the knot, he wanted his immediate debt payed off before we started our life together.. And I kind of wanted to be little further into school and maybe a year or two older.

But Life had to interrupt and Spencer's dad was diagnosed with a terminal, untreatable cancer.. =( And it was really important (REALLY) to Spencer (and myself) that his dad be present when we get married. So we decided to bump the date up even further.. and we went with... -drum roll-

JUNE 10th 2011!!! =) And we couldn't be more happy!! There isn't TOO much significance with that date, really. But more of our family could be here in June, after school is out.. and one of my favorite numbers is 10.. so we went with it =) Planning is a lot of fun and we're just doing the basics right now. Figuring out where we want to have it, guest list.. we want to get as much done as we can sooner rather than later and we also want to spread it out so that we won't be so stressed out! Because stress = sickness for both Spence and I.

It's about time that something good happened between the two of us! It seems like his health has taken TOP priority lately. He's been a sick dude this past year - but he seems to be doing pretty well now! I'll write another blog about that in a few days.

All-in-all - we are VERY excited and I just wanted to share!!! :D



  1. Congrats! That is so exciting!!!!! I sure hope I get an invitation to this blessed day! =) You guys deserve good things to happen to you!

  2. That's great!!! Wish I lived closer, I'd love to play music for your wedding (if you wanted a cellist... and if I lived closer! lol). I'd love an invite though!! Congratulations! :D