Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Pinter Moment

My heart felt oddly heavy all morning and I struggled to keep tears from my eyes.... And then a good friend of mine stumbled upon this and kindly shared. I was left speechless. Timing. What perfect timing.

I'll never understand why things work out the way they do, but I'm thankful for little reminders like this that those we love and have lost are still, and will always be, in our hearts.


Comments from the photo as follows:

d.mandella Sometimes your heart is heavy and you're walking down the street in a distant land with your head down when suddenly, three old friends show up to make it all better. #SanDiego#WhoDidThis? #OldFriends #Gratitude

nikkipea12 My heart has been *so* heavy today. Wow. What timing. What perfect timing. Love you, friend! 

d.mandella I saw the cement piece and it totally surprised and confused me in a good way. Then I crossed the street to the liquor store that my brother lives over to get a Coke and that was the first one in the cooler, facing out. I was like "Oh I HAVE to go back!" So perfect. That kid never quits!! Love you, too @nikkipea12

mousethedog This is magical. We just moved into a rent house in San Jose Ca. Around the corner in the neighborhood are starlight drive and riddle ct. 

d.mandella Further proof of his promised@mousethedog haunting/stalking!

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  1. Love this. R.I.p to all sbwers that have passed. May you all be celebrating! Amber Duncan AmberDLoves