Sunday, June 29, 2014

Taking Stock

This post has been trending on a couple of blogs that I follow, and because I haven't put in any effort to continue blogging, I thought I'd join in on something simple and straight forward as I continue to try and muster up the motivation to sit down and blog regularly again. I still have my doubts that that will ever become reality....

Making: wreaths
Cooking: pepperoni pizza for dinner
Drinking: powerade
Reading: The Hunger Games
Wanting: this part time job opportunity to come through
Looking: like I just woke up
Playing: 2048 over and over again
Wasting: time in the day
Sewing: curtains. I haven't started yet, but it's on the to-do list
Wishing: there were 2-3 more days to relax
Enjoying: my weekend
Waiting: to go see The Fault In Our Stars with my sister
Liking: cuddling up to a movie with a pretty neat guy
Wondering: how my life ever came back together and how I've become so lucky after being dealt such a shitty hand
Loving: the amount of rain we've been getting
Hoping: this work week is so much better than last
Marvelling: at the ease of acceptance some people are able to have about the past
Needing: a dining room table and chairs
Smelling: the mouse in my hair
Wearing: summertime clothes
Following: the weather and radar closely
Noticing: the humidity
Knowing: I need to start working out again
Thinking: about my future and where it may lead
Feeling: happier than I have in awhile
Bookmarking: Many different recipes and new hairstyles
Opening: a text msg, snapchat, mail from someone I haven't heard from in a long time
Giggling: almost on a daily basis
Feeling: sleepy, yet content

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