Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lacking Internet...

It's super hard to keep up with a blog, and keep up the goal of at least 5 posts a week when you have no internet!!! Come to find out - my computer had like 7 viruses on it =/ Ugh! Go figure! It won't let me connect to internet and several important things won't load. I need to get this figured out!!!

I just want to write really quick with how impressed I am with my boyfriend. Spence has been out of the hospital for a month and a week. Thats the longest he's been out in over a year!!!! =D This is the best news imaginable, really. Today he got his port flushed from a home health nurse. Wow! First time ever he's had that done at home. This is such an improvement from how he's been doing. He's been doing all his treatments, taking his meds.. It's amazing. Though, I don't think he's really been exercising. This really bothers me. I hope that this will change soon. Because not only can he stay out of the hospital, but he can get his lung functions up too and go down on his oxygen =) That will be a wonderful day. The goal right now is to stay out of the hospital at least until his scheduled doctors appointment in March =) I think we can do it! Just have to get past the flu season!

This is amazing. I can't stop saying that. He was just told that he would need a liver transplant in a few years, but in order to get on the list he needed to get his health up and get some family support. We're on the right track! This is a huge encouragement for us!!!!! Maybe this will show his docs he's been trying his hardest and that he is being very complaint.

I know this has lifted my spirits ten fold!! I hope it has Spence's as well!! I am determined to fight CF and help my wonderful boyfriend life the life he's longing to live =)


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